The Urban Tarot – deck review and personal impressions

The Urban Tarot

A personal review of a unique “The Urban Tarot”, the world view of tarot well expressed in our modern society.

Its Designs

Card size is 76mm x 140mm, about 2cm longer than Rider Waite standard deck.

Major Arcana

“Temperance” cards displayed as “Art”, and “Judgement” as “Aeon”, the whole concept is closer to that of the Thoth tarot. However, their pictures are very easy to understand for those who are used to the Raider Waite tarot.

Urban Tarot urban tarot


Minor Arcana

The Court cards are Knight, Queen, Prince and Princess. King is not included.

Urban Tarot urban tarot

Personal Impressions

What I like

I was very impressed by this deck’s contemporary interpretation. Each court card represents an image of modern profession such as a musician, painter, clothing designer, gamer, cook, trader, nursery teacher, rock singer, journalist, dancer, activist, filmmaker, lawyer, therapist, hacker, seducer, etc.

In terms of design, patchwork-like collage with multiple materials are beautiful and I’ll never get tired of gazing at each card. Other examples of collage-design deck is Enchanted Tarot, but the impressions of these two are quite different.

"The Enchanted Tarot" 25th anniversary edition Review
Reviewing "The Enchanted Tarot" 25th anniversary edition by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

What I don’t like

There is sometimes a considerably violent and scary expressions. Three of the swords, for example, is so scary that I don’t want to see it again. It is a little traumatic design if you put this card side by side with “The High Priestess” card.

The design of “The Tower” card in the current edition is the high-rise building being washed away by flood. However, the design of this card in the original edition was that of 9.11 incident, red flames and smoke rising from attacked two high-rise buildings. I personally felt that violent expression in this deck is somehow a little too much.

Wrap Up

Anyway, it’s my favorite deck! The deck with a modern interpretation of tarot is surprisingly few at the moment, so having one will make you feel fresh!


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