Create your own Lenormand card at home. Easy!

create your own lenormand card deck

I made my own Japanese-style Lenormand cards, a business card size.

I used famous ukiyo-e images, so they are not my original artwork. So I use the deck for personal enjoyment only.

create lenormand


As for details about how to make your own cards, please refer to the article below.
The cost is minimal, so please try it out.

Create your own oracle cards! IT'S EASY
Introducing a simple way to create your own oracle cards using your favorite images.


Paper used for materials

I used A4 paper for business card printing. I printed on both sides and then cut along the dotted lines.

create lenormand


The left one in the photo below is paper with color, the middle one is a photo glossy type that produces a clean photo finish, and the right one is a semi-transparent type. This time for my Lenormand cards, I used the ivory-colored paper on the left.

Wrap Up

create lenormand

Since I made cards in the size of a business card, they fit well in a desktop business card case. Conversely, it might be a good idea to make cards in the size that fits your favorite case.

Please be creative and make cards that you enjoy the most, more than anyone else!

If you are struggling with designing your cards, there is a way to use AI. I give examples in other article (shown below), so please take a look if you’re interested.

Utilize Image Generating AI: Tarot and Oracle Cards
Here are some illustrations made entirely by image generating AI.

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