HAIKU Card deck review (Japanese traditional poetry)

haiku card deck

A brief introduction of “Haiku” card deck, released from Kumon Publishing. There are four types of packages: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Here I’m introducing them as a whole.

In addition to “Haiku” cards, there are many series of cards introducing Japanese cultures such as “Tanka”, “Poetry”, ”nursery rhyme”, “Everyday life”, “mathematics” and so on.


Haiku Card haiku cards

(left: card surface, right: card back and guidebook)

The full text of each Haiku and a simple interpretation is written on the card back. Accompanying guidebook shows the meaning of each Haiku in details.

One package contains 30 cards. Most of the authors are from Edo to Taisho period like Basho Matsuo, and some from Showa like Shuji Terayama.


The card size is 123mm x 182mm, quite large. The price is 900 yen (excluding tax) as of the end of 2019.

Wrap Up

I think this is an interesting tool not only for those who get familiar with the world of haiku, but also for those who want to get inspiration from Haiku, which expresses a vast view of the world in a short keyword.

All the deck series released from Kumon Publishing are for children, simple and easy to understand for anyone. So you can interpret them the way you like, or combine different packages to create original sets, and you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of unique ways depending on your idea.


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