I-ching “Tao Oracle” deck review

iching tao oracle deck

This is to introduce every card design of the beautiful I-ching oracle deck “Tao Oracle”, a total of 64 cards and detailed manual included.

All card designs

The beautiful artwork on each card shows its meaning. Keywords are also written on each card, as well as the circle of yin/yang which expresses the element in the card at the bottom left and the upper part, and the Hakke (eight elements of the nature that represents certain meanings in i-ching) in the lower right.

(Chinese characters written on top right in black pen is my handwriting.)

Tao Oracle IJ

Tao Oracle IKei Card

The author is Ma Deva Padma, who is in charge of artwork on the Osho-Zen Tarot. I will introduce Osho-Zen Tarot separately in this blog.

(The above is the Osho-Zen Tarot)


Its card size is 133mm x 89mm, quite large. Paper quality is good, with mat (non glare) printing surface, smooth touch.

What I like?

There are a couples of other i-ching decks, but it seems only Tao Oracle has keywords written on each the card (as of the end of 2019). Also, images of each card are wonderful and explanatory enough.

What I don’t like?

Its size.

What’s included in the box

There is a thick guidebook, very detailed and useful.

Tao Oracle Easy Card

Even beginners would be able to enjoy this deck and the basics of i-ching fortune telling without problems.


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