“CANVAS” a board game that can be used as ORACLE cards

canvas boardgame

An introduction of a board game card that can also be used as an oracle card.
Although it is not made as an oracle card, it is recommended for those who are looking for a unique deck for your card reading.

Please note that these cards are not sold individually.


The deck contains 60 transparent cards. Each card has a part of a picture drawn on it, and by layering 3-4 cards, a new picture with a different impression from the original part drawing is completed.



You can randomly draw cards from the 60 cards,
and enjoy the pictures or messages that are completed by layering multiple cards.



In addition to the picture, each card has a title written only half way.
When several cards are stacked, the combination of words also changes.

You can enjoy the process of layering cards like the photo below and witnessing the creation of new pictures. The combination of letters that accidentally emerges seems to represent the title of the completed picture. If you search for what comes from the artwork that you created accidentally by layering several cards, you can use it like an oracle card.


I tried to take a photo of all 60 cards, but …
they are transparent and have many reflections, making it unexpectedly difficult to photograph, so I omitted it.


The thing on the left side of the above photo is the card layered with about 4 cards.
The abstract picture card on the right is not transparent, but a background card.
(Will explain the background card later.)

I also made a gif animation, as shown below.
I apologize if the moving image below is not displayed on your device.

canvasボードゲーム キャンバス

What is “background cards”?

20 background cards are included, that are not transparent.
The background card is placed under the set of transparent cards, and just changing the background card can significantly change the overall impression of the picture.

Background cards have variations like this.


Overview / Features

The size is 67 x 120mm, actual size. It is small and easy to handle.

It was released in March 2021. The original version is in English, but the one introduced here is the Japanese version.

I like the realistic oil painting style.

You can also try making your own background cards, maybe.

Why not try making your own transparent cards as well?
It would be interesting to use not only pictures but also photos. Enjoy!


During the more than one year break from updating the blog, the second edition, “Canvas: Reflection” was released in February 2022!

The second edition includes 30 cards, which is fewer than the first set, but they now have pictures on both sides and can be used reversibly.
The size is the same, so they can be mixed with the first edition deck for use.

When used as a game, the second edition can be used alone, even if you don’t have the first edition.

When the boxes of the first and second editions are placed side by side,
they appear to form one large picture.

Video also available

A short video. Please check it out if you’re interested.

Wrap Up

I previously introduced a method of using a card deck for board games as an oracle using “Dixit.” Please take a look if you’re interested:

Use Dixit cards as an Oracle deck (revelations)
Review of "Dixit revelations" cards and its use an oracle deck, or even as a writer's block. 84 cards included.

While it is not related to this product, however, there are tarot decks that use the same concept of layering transparent films. I saw at least two products on market.
If you’re interested in transparent tarot, please take a look at them too.

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