“The Air Era Magical Alice Tarot” deck review

The Air Era Magical Alice Tarot

A quick review of “The Air Era Magical Alice Tarot” deck (published in 2021). Japanese indies tarot. This deck is full of pink colour, with its edge in metallic pink.
Each card indicates flower, crystal, element symbol, numbers, herb, illustrations from Alice’s story, and more.

Alice Tarot in the Age of Wind

Its designs

Major Arcana

The number in the upper right is a path number of the tree of life. I’m not familiar with those concepts and numbers of cabarah, though.
Alice Tarot in the Age of Wind

An extra card is included, named “000 Alice” (left in the photo below).
The drawing of Alice is the same as “0 The Fool” (pictured right).

Alice Tarot in the Age of Wind

Minor Arcana

Compared to famous Rider Waite version, the name of suits are different. So are the Court cards.
(Wands=Candles, Swords=Feathers, Pentacles=Clocks, Cups=Cups)
(Paige=Alice, Knight=Hatter, Queen=Queen, King=King)

The number on the upper right of each court card is said to be an angel number.
I have no idea about those numbers nether, sorry.

Candles (Wands)

Alice Tarot in the Age of Wind

Cups (Cups)

Alice Tarot in the Age of Wind

Feathers (Swords)

Alice Tarot in the Age of Wind

Blocks (Pentacles)

Alice Tarot in the Age of Wind

The card back is rabbits with black backgrounds, gilded with metallic pink.

Alice Tarot in the Age of Wind


The author is a Japanese named Rii Ujiie.
Card size is 70 x 120 mm, about the same as the Rider Waite standard version.

The product I purchased does not include a guidebook. You can download it individually from a written URL (as of July 2021). 98 pages all, with keywords and brief descriptions of numbers, celestial bodies, gems, herbs, etc.
It is said that printed guidebook with much more detailed explanations will be on sale soon.


What I like

Its feminine design with flowers and gems, etc.
If you like Alice’s story, you will be satisfied with this picture.
The paper quality is thick and matte, very smooth, easy to shuffle.

What I don’t like

At a grance, every card looks the same, to be honest. It is difficult to tell even the Major and Minor Arcana, quite similar. Artworks are so tiny, and difficult to see what are drawn there.

Where to buy

It is available at major online shops (as of the summer, 2021).

This deck is sold tarot only, or bundle with tarot journal or loupe (choose from gold or silver).

When I purchased this deck with journal, a small stone is also included as a small gift from the seller (it was Carnelian in my case).

Wrap up

I’m looking for decks made by the Japanese, and this is one of them.
I also made a video of this deck, so please take a look if you like.

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