Use Dixit cards as an Oracle deck (revelations)

dixit revelation as oracle

“Dixit” is known as a board game. Here I’m introducing one of its expansion package named “Revelation” and its use for other purpose; an oracle deck, or writer’s block deck. There are several kinds of expansion packages on sale and each package contains 84 beautiful cards designed by different artists.


dixit revelation

Its original use in the game is as follows:

  1. Distribute several cards to multiple players, and a Leader pick one of his/her card and name it. The title of the card must be associated with its picture.
  2. Place the card face down and tell the title to other players. Other player choose one of his/her cards that they feel matches the image of the title, and place it face down.
  3. When all players place their cards, show them and guess which card the Leader chose.

I found it very interesting to think freely about the title of the picture. This system could be used as an oracle card reading.

The “Revelations” is the seventh extension package. As each package is designed by a different artist, the impression of the picture varies from package to package.

The size is 79mm x 120mm in the actual size.

Its Designs

dixit revelation

Personal Impressions

dixit revelation

(Tarot cards on the top row, Dixit cards on the bottom)

What I like

I’m not into terms like “angel”, “god”, “soulmate”, “twin flames”, while oracle cards are in most cases based on these terms. With Dixit cards as an oracle inspirational tool, I’m finally free from those magickal terms.

The deck size and the back design of every expansion package is common, so there is no problem mixing two of them, or all if you wish.

What I don’t like

In terms of size, I personally prefer smaller.

The quality of paper is thin. However, I guest that is OK since each package includes 84 cards, which is quite a lot. If each card is thicker than this, it would be difficult to handle especially when shuffling.

After my purchasing it, I noticed that the limited edition exists for this “Revelations” package. The limited edition includes 21 out of 84 cards that are decorated in special gold, shiny paint. I got the normal version. There seems to be a notification on the outer box of the limited edition. If you want these shiny card, please be careful before purchasing.

If you are interested in how golden paint shine, please have a look at relevant YouTube videos.

dixit revelation

Where to buy

As of March 2020, it seems to be available at each store without any problems.

Wrap Up

If you’re fed up with terms like “angel”, “love”, or “spirit” or something, this deck is for you!

Using board game cards as oracles are quite refreshing, and it seems Dixit are best for that purpose so far as they includes plenty of cards. I want to collect other packages too if I can afford them.

And if you don’t believe in fortune-telling, including me, I reccommend you to use this deck as a guide to story making if you’re writers. By using well-designed cards like this, you can get a new perspective from the idea in you. There are many ways to use it.

Last but not the least, you can play board game with dixit cards, enjoy!


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