“Unseen World Tarot” deck review

unseen world tarot

A personal review of “Unseen World Tarot”, indie deck.
79 cards included.

It’s artwork

Major Arcana

One extra card is included.

unseen world tarot
The extra card is No. 22, named “The Ancestor Spirit”.

unseen world tarot

Minor Arcana

unseen world tarot


The author is from the Republic of Lithuania.
According to her, this deck is “inspired by the universe itself, and all the unseen, but very real energies, spirits, beings”, and every symbols like flowers, animals, etc. sings has its meaning.

Card size by 70 x 120 mm. About the same as the Rider Waite standard version.
The surface has a smooth matte velvet finish, very nice feel to touch. Card stock is thick.


What I like

The light gradation of the background colour blends together so nice. Breathlessly beautiful.

What I don’t like

I thought it was an interesting idea to silhouette human figures. Faceless images of humans give us fair reading.
However, because the background colour is light, I sometimes feel that the black colour is a bit too strong. It could have been translucent, maybe…but I love this deck, anyway.

Where to buy

I bought it on the author’s Etsy site. Let’s have a look!

Wrap Up

It’s soooo beautiful. Simply amazing!
I also made a video of this deck, so please take a look if you like.

Wish You Well
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