“Crow’s Magick Tarot” – my best deck ever

crow's magick

A personal review of “Crow’s Magick Tarot”. This is the tarot I bought for the first time.

Its designs

Major Arcana

crow's magick tarot

“The Magician” “The Star”, and “The Wheel of Fortune” cards have same bird image, and the bird which appears in “The High Priestess” and “The Judgment” are also the same. If you look for other cards, you might find one if you don’t mind killing your time.

Minor Arcana

Each card features not only birds, but also a variety of creatures such as humans, leopards, bears, lizards and something else.

Wands and Cups

crow's magick tarot

Swords and Pentacles

crow's magick tarot


The author is Londa Marks, work of 1998. Originally this deck was sold with a thick guidebook, but now on sale with deck alone. A very simple instruction book is included, though.

The size is 69mm x 120mm, about the same size as the standard Rider Waite deck.

Personal Impressions

What I like

Years ago, I didn’t know about tarot at all. However, since I found this deck I started studying tarot, only to use this beautiful deck. I’m in love with its design and that’s all.

What I don’t like – none 🙂

Personally I just love this deck, but I admit the likes and dislikes for this deck will be clearly divided from person to person. The keywords written on each card is sometimes too “magickal”, the background is solely black with lacking information, and the difficulty in reading face expressions from these creatures. Also, some may prefer classical painting-style design to this modern CG designs.

As for the keywords, it goes like this:

“The Chariot” – Entity, Channel

“Queen of Cups” – Shaman, Enchanter

However, the accompanying guidebook explains the meaning of these cards in very normal way, and there is no need to take these keywords too seriously if you worry.

Where to buy


Because it is an old deck, it seems quite difficult to get new one today, as of 2020. If you find one with astonishingly expensive price, don’t buy it, this is my advice. Buying unnecessarily expensive deck doesn’t makes sense. There are something else much more important for accurate reading.


There are always some on used market, but be careful before purchasing them.

Personally, I used to be very interested in getting the original thick guidebook, but now I quit because of their prices. Because I wanted it but I didn’t need it.

Wrap Up

It was a love-at-a-first-sight deck for me, and is still my main deck. It is a deck that tells me straight to the point both for good and bad aspects of everyday life. This deck is like a long lasting friend to me.


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