Hermetic Tarot review – simple B&W deck

hermetic tarot

A personal review of a magic tarot deck “Hermetic Tarot”, inspired by the secret of the Golden Dawn. The deck is designed in black and white.

Its Designs

Major Arcana

Hermetic Tarot hermetic

Minor Arcana (Wands – Cups)

Hermetic Tarot hermetic

Minor Arcana (Swords – Pentacles)

Hermetic Tarot hermetic



The author is Godfrey Dowson. The concept of this deck is closer to the thoth tarot rather than the rider waite.

One thing to note: As for the court cards, the top deck is Knight, instead of King. The King of Wands is named as “Prince of the Chariot of Fire” while the Knight is “Lord of Flame and Lightening”. The King is old by now, and his power is lower than the Queen. The court cards order from the top is Knight, Queen, King, and Princess in this deck.

Hermetic Tarot hermetic

Some people claim that Knight and King is mistakenly printed, but they will understand the reason why if they read the attached guidebook of this deck.


The size is 69mm × 120mm, slightly smaller than other general tarot decks. The paper quality is not bad, smooth.

Personal Impressions

What I like

This deck is designed in black and white, simple. The tarot of these days is tend to be very colourful and luxurious, so these decks are rather impressive to me. I liked its size too, quite easy to handle.

What I don’t like

Because of the black and white design, I sometimes find it difficult to recognise which side is front or back – my eyesight is not so good 😛

You may not like the order of the coat cards, too.


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Wish You Well
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