Alice “Tarot In Wonderland” deck design review

alice tarot in wonderland

There are several tarot decks with the theme of “Alice in Wonderland”. Here is one of them, “Tarot In Wonderland”. Luxurious all-colour guidebook is included and can be enjoyed as a reading material itself.

Its Designs

Major Arcana

alice tarot in wonderland

Minor Arcana

alice tarot in wonderland


Author by Barbara Moore with artwork by Eugene Smith.

The card size is 70mm x 117mm, slightly smaller than a typical tarot. The paper is thin, but the quality is ok.

This deck is contained in a solid box with a magnet, along with a large luxurious guidebook. The book is like a new adventure of Alice in tarot wonderland. If you love Alice’s world, you’ll like it.

alice tarot in wonderland

Personal Impressions

What I like

Every picture is loyal to the interpretation of rider waite version, a beginner friendly. I’d rather bought this deck for that guidebook.

What I don’t like

Like or dislike the character face of Alice on this deck depends on each person’s taste.

At the end

This deck is for those who love the world of Alice, for beginners, or for everyone!


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