Tarot De La Nuit – beauty of the night world

tarot de la nuit

A personal review of “Tarot De La Nuit”, with the theme of the night world. All the characters in this deck are so beautiful.


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Its Designs

Major Arcana

There is one bonus card in the major arcana named “Angel de la Nuit”. This card means that the long, dark nights will soon end and golden dawn is coming. The design of this card in the first impression is dark, with a woman in a black and devilish make-up, however this is a very hopeful card, indeed.

tarot de la nuit

For some reason, there are many bloody figures in this whole deck. For example, “the Sun” card depicts a woman in a blood-stained dress that seems to be jumping off a cliff. However, the meaning of this Sun card is of course nothing negative, this is a card that celebrates a bright future full of hope.

Minor Arcana

tarot de la nuit

Night world, black-ish images, and vampire-like atmosphere. However, the author of this deck is pursuing beauty of the night world.


It is a deck that expresses the beauty of the night world, dreams and possibilities. Night is another world different from daytime.

The deck size is 70mm x 120mm, about the same as the standard Rider Waite deck.

Personal Impressions

What I like

The box is decorated in silver with a gorgeous impression. The card itself is also shiny and very beautiful.

Each card gives a different impression every time I see it, and never make me get tired of. The blood on this deck has no negative meaning because almost all cards have blood stains on them. If you focus too much attention on the expression of blood for this deck, your reading will miss the point.

What I don’t like

I don’t like its borderless design. I know many people rather prefer borderless deck. However, I personally prefer a deck with border, because the picture on a card is safe when a card itself is worn and damaged.

tarot de la nuit

Wrap Up

There are many personal figures pictred in this deck, however it may be a little difficult to read messages from their facial expressions. Instead, I feel the light that seems like the hope floating in the darkness of the night, and the calm air in another world. This is my favorite deck that I always put at hand.


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