“Angel Tarot Cards” by Doreen Virtue review

angel tarot cards

Here I’m introducing all the card designs of “Angel Tarot cards. Silver gilded, a beautiful deck.

Its Designs

Major Arcana

taro angelt doreen

Minor Arcana

taro angelt doreen

taro angelt doreen



Authors by Doreen Virtue and Radley Valentine, artwork by Steve A. Roberts. Some of the names of major arcana is unique: such as “The Fool” is changed to “The Dreamer” and “The Devil” is “Ego” here.

Deck size is 89mm x 128mm, quite large as for the tarot card. Keywords are written on each card, beginners-friendly.

Personal Impressions

What I like

Personally, I thought the cup suit was a very beautiful design. The silver border is beautiful.

angel tarot cards doreen

What I don’t like

Its size. One of the authors, Doreen Virtue, seems to have changed her thoughts in recent years and has denied all the value of her past products. If you don’t care, there is no problem since the deck itself is beautiful.

Wrap Up

Another deck from the same authors called “Fairy Tarot Cards” is quite similar in card size and the design. If you liked the design, please take a look at the Fairy Tarot cards, too.

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[Fairy Tarot Card]

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