Thoth Tarot and its designs

thoth tarot

A personal review of the Thoth Tarot included in the Japanese hard-cover book called “An Introduction to the Thoth Tarot”.

Its Designs

Major Arcana

Tote Tarot toth tarot

Minor Arcana

The court card is Knight, Queen, Prince and Princess.

Tote Tarot toth tarot



The author of Thoth tarot deck itself is Aleister Crowley. However, as I mentioned above, I bought this deck with the book set, and the author of the book is Heith Nakamura.

Tote Tarot toth tarot


There are variation of three sizes in Thoth tarot deck (pocket, standard, and large), and this one on this page is a standard one, 70mm × 110mm.

Personal Impressions

What I like

It is interesting that names of some cards are different from that of the Waite version. I’m very much satisfied with the book.

What I don’t like

Personal preference for the design of this deck, especially that of minor arcana, will vary from person to person. Unlike the rider version, pictures of minor arcana do not indicate particular scenes of life but the number of symbols of each suit.

As a matter of size, I personally prefer pocket size, but I couldn’t choose the deck size because of the book set.

Where to buy

As of March 2020, the book set is a little hard to get. The deck alone is readily available in any size in each store.

Wrap Up

Interpretation of tarot with Thoth tarot deck is refreshing! If you owns many many Waite decks but no Thoth, why not get one!


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