Osho ZEN Tarot – fusion of the world of ZEN and Tarot

osho zen tarot

A personal review of The “Osho Zen Tarot”, a fusion of the world of ZEN and tarot.

Its designs

Major Arcana

One bonus card called “The Master” is included to the major Arcana.

osho zen tarot

Minor Arcana

The interpretation of each card is similar to that of the rider waite deck. This deck is easy to understand even for a tarot beginner.

osho zen tarot


The authors of this deck are not Japanese. Artwork is by the same person who designed the “Tao Oracle“, that I introduced on this blog before separately in this blog.

I-ching "Tao Oracle" deck review
A personal review of I-ching "Tao Oracle" deck review, 64 cards.

The card size is 74mm x 109mm, smaller than the Rider Waite version’s standard size.

On the author’s  site, you can try out several tarot spreads using this deck online. In addition, the app version of osho zen tarot exist.

Personal Impressions

What I like

The paper quality is just normal, but its feel is very good. To my persona feeling, a card fits to my palm, probably due to the processing treatment of the card surface.

What I don’t like

As seen in the artwork of the bonus card, I personally feel an exposure of author is too much.

Alternative deck

“112 Meditation Cards”

Ifound another deck by the same author in a bookstore. The figure of the author is designed in the back of each card, and I felt even more resistance to this author, to be honest. This deck includes 112 cards, plenty of volume. However, I couldn’t understand what this deck is trying to tell me, at all.osho zen alternative deck

Wrap Up

A deck with an artwork of asian / oriental taste. For some, this deck would be much easier to understand the world of tarot than Rider Waite original deck.


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