“SEA MELODIES” deck review

sea melodies oracle cards

A personal review of “SEA MELODIES” deck, the world of the ocean and mermaids.
40 cards included in a box.

It’s artwork

sea melodies oracle cards


The author is Jessica Le. Each card size is 50 x 100 mm, palm-sized.
The back of the card is shiny, and the message side is a matte finish.
There is no guidebook included. You can find how-to-use on the lid of the box.

Personal impressions

What I find interesting the most is the setting that these message are written for sea creatures, not for humans.

“Turbulence: The mind is murky in rough waters.”

At a first glance, the artwork of the message side looks the same for the whole deck, but it’s not. In fact, the drawing on the lower left is all different, based on the contents of the text  of each card.

Where to buy

This deck is published from the U.S Games. You’ll be able to find it at any online shops.


Sea Melodies SEA MELODIES [ Jessica Le ]
Price: 2059 yen (tax-included, free shipping) (as of 2021/11/1)

Buy at Rakuten

Wrap up

These simple messages soothe me with a taste of the ocean. Let’s take a break and enjoy a life of mermaid for a moment.

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