The Enchanted LENORMAND Oracle deck review

enchanted lenormand review

This is to show you all cards included in the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle deck published in 2013.

Its Designs

Beautifully designed as if you are looking into the crystal ball. The colours are richer compared to classic or traditional type of Lenormand decks.

Enchanted lenormand deck

In addition to the usual 36 cards, this deck includes “Gentleman” and “Lady” substitute cards, plus one bonus card named “Diviner”, the picture is inspired by Madomoiselle Lenormand (Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand) herself.

(upper: back design and “Diviner” card, lower: gentleman and lady’s alternative cards, right: guidebook)

The guidebook is very detailed. It includes not only the description of keywords, but also the meaning in terms of human relations, love, work, money, corresponding playing cards, selected combination with other cards, etc.



The author is Caitlin Matthews, and the artwork is Virginia Lee.


The size is 55mm x 86mm in actual size. Lenormand decks are generally smaller and easier to handle than tarot, and this deck fits perfectly in my palms, easy to shuffle.

Personal Impressions

What I like

The image that floats in the crystal ball is fun to watch. The paper quality of a card is thick, firm and smooth. Also, the guidebook included is very detailed and useful.

What I don’t like

When I opened the box for the first time, there was a smell, could be of printing chemicals or something, so I needed to exposed it for a few days until the smell’s gone.

Where to buy

The Japanese version is not out yet. As of March 2020, Rakuten Books in Japan handles it.

Wrap Up

It is a fun deck just looking at the picture. I purchased this deck more for the attached manual than the deck itself, but now I like the deck, too.

Wish You Well
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