The STARSEED ORACLE deck [all card images]

starseed oracle deck

Here we introduce The Starseed Oracle deck, just released in January 2020. There are 53 cards included, artwork with subtle and gentle colour and images of the star-studded universe.


starseed oracle

starseed oracle starseed oracle

starseed oracle starseed oracle

Overview / Features

Author / Designer

The author is Rebecca Campbell, artwork by Danielle Noel. As for artworks, several decks are on sale by Danielle Noel.

  • Moonchild Tarot
  • Starchild Tarot
  • Work Your Light Oracle Cards
  • A Yogic Path Oracle Deck
  • The Starseed Oracle

Personally, I’m very interested in tarot decks among the above, however their prices are more than 10,000 yen that are beyond my reach. So, I bought this oracle deck instead, and I am satisfied that I finally got her deck.


Moonchild Tarot
Price: 10780 yen (including tax, free shipping) (as of March 2, 2020)


[Card in the image of the universe] Star Child Tarot
Price: 10780 yen (including tax, free shipping) (as of March 2, 2020)


The size is 89 mm x 127 mm, a common size for Oracle cards.

Overall Impressions

“Like” points

The title and the keyword are written on each card, that make it easy for us to understand meanings of each card without referring to the guidebook. Some of other oracle cards on the market don’t have descriptions on cards themselves. If you are a kind of person who either read a guidebook thoroughly or enjoy images on a card only, keywords on each card may not be necessary, though.

“Dislike” points

The word “starchild” itself is a bit difficult to understand for me and those who are not “specialising-in-spiritual-world” person. Therefore, I personally feel the messages on each card are rather abstract. I don’t think it’s suitable for getting clear answers from these cards. I’ve got the impression that this deck is more for a meditation than for asking any specific answers.

No numbers written on a card. I personally prefer this, but some people may feel lacking some important information. Its size is a little large and difficult to handle, compared to tarot deck in general.

Where to buy

I happened to find this deck in Kinokuniya Bookstore in Shinjuku, Tokyo, immediately after its release. The price was about 3,500 yen. The Japanese version of the product is out here, too (the card notation is in English, only the manual is a Japanese translation version) and its price is a little high, around 5,000 yen.



Starseed Oracle
Price: 4950 yen (including tax and shipping) (as of March 2, 2020)

Buy at Rakuten

Wish You Well
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