Dream Inspirational Card by Lo Scarabeo review

dream inspirational cards

A personal review of “Dream Inspirational Cards”, which could be used as a tool for oneiromancy or dream fortune-telling.

Its Designs

Dream InspirationAl Card

Dream InspirationAl Card


Every card shows the scene which comes from common themes of dreams, with a brief guidebook. Total of 78 cards included, with the concept of bridging the gap between our conscious world and dream world.

It was released in 2005, by Isa Donelli as an author and Luigi di Giammarino for artwork. Deck size is 66mm x 120mm.

Personal Impressions

What I like

The surreal paintings on each card is interesting. Its paper quality is smooth or, too smooth and slippery. Easy to shuffle.

What I don’t like

As a common feature for the Lo Scarabeo series decks, the card name is written in four languages. I personally feel that’s a bit noisy. The light blue frame around the picture is refreshing and I like it.

I expected to use this deck as a clue to understand the meaning of my dreams, but for some reason, I don’t succeed on this aspect. The impressions I get from the picture on each card and the explanation on its guidebook often do not match (I read similar reviews on its amazon page).

Wrap Up

A deck based on dreams like this is still quite interesting to own.


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