“The MOON ORACLE” personal review

The moon oracle

This is to introduce the beautiful designs of all 72 cards of “The MOON ORACLE” and a brief personal review on this deck.

There are 72 cards in total, divided in three main categories; “Moon Goddess (12 cards)” “Moon Mansion (28 cards)” “Moon Phase (32 cards)”.

Its Designs

Moon Goddess cards

The goddesses are divided into white, red and black based on their characteristics, I suppose. A corresponding astrological sign is indicated in each card.

The back design of this deck is in gray-based monotone.

Mystic Moon Oracle

Moon Mansion  cards

Each card indicates its number, meaning, as well as astrological-related information such as celestial marks and time.

Mystic Moon Oracle

Moon Phase cards

The moon-phase cards are divided into four types; fire, earth, wind, and water (corresponding to the four astrological elements). Eight moon phases are drawn from the new moon to the full moon. Each card also contains keywords such as “responsibility”, “compromise”, etc.

Mystic Moon Oracle


Co-authored by Caroline Smith (artwork) and John Astrop. The size is 64mm x 110mm, easy to handle.

Personal Impressions

What I like

I was fascinated by the artwork of this deck and the concept of moon-motif deck. You can find other deck with the same painter in “Oracle of the Radiant Sun”.

The explanation of the attached guidebook is very detailed and useful. The quality of the card is ok, very smooth and easy to handle.

What I don’t like

Moon phase chart at the end of the book is not accurate. I recommend you to google for the moon phase information. There are also many excellent moon-phase apps for smartphones and iPhones, too.

Wrap Up

It is recommended for those who are attracted to celestial bodies such as the moon, and those who are interested in astrology. It is a deck that can be enjoyed by the person who is simply attracted by its design like me.


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