“Quantum Tarot” deck review – the energy of space and light

quantum tarot

A Personal review of “Quantum Tarot” with all 78 card designs. Motifs with the image of of quantum, light, nuclear, electrons, protons, neutrons and all kinds of energy.

Its Designs

Major Arcana

quantum tarot

Some cards have scientific equations written on them.

For example, the “VI Lovers” card contains the pattern of the nameplate of the “Space Search Aircraft Pioneer”; a message from humanity to aliens, and Newton’s law of universal gravitation. The “VII Chariot” card depicts Einstein’s image and energy equation. The “XI Justice” card also has one, but I don’t know what that equation is.

Minor Arcana

Wands and Cups

The wands are especially impressive with the intense light coming from inside of the screen towards us.

quantum tarot

Swords and Pentacles

quantum tarot


The size is 70mm x 120mm, quite normal and standard.

Personal Impressions

What I like

The contrast of each image is very high, and the light comes in from inside of the card so strong. The moment you turn over a card, you’ll get a certain strong impression instantly.

I feel the this light stronger in a darker room than daytime. The darker the shadow of darkness is, the stronger the light can be felt, so this seems to be the same law for life in general!

What I don’t like

The interpretation of court cards is slightly difficult to understand for me. The underlying myth of the star constellation are explained in the attached guidebook, so if you are interested in Greek mythology and the origin of the constellation, you’ll enjoy them too.

The paper quality is poor, it peels white from the edge of the card. So I painted the edges of all the cards in black. By doing so, the overall impression of artworks looks more prominent.

quantum tarot

However, this process will not be accepted for those who treat tarot decks themselves as sacred or, who value rituals process such as purification. I personally don’t believe in fortune telling, and I see cards just as a tool that reflects my inner self of that time.

Wrap Up

I don’t see people use this deck for reading, why? There are no beautiful characters or romantic elements found in this deck, maybe that’s why. Especially from the women’s point of view, I guess.

However, I personally like this deck so much, and it’s my No.2 deck that always work well as a clarifying deck for my main deck “the Crow’s Magick tarot”.


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